Owner and Founder

Background and Experience:

I went to law school at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. I went there with the intention of being an entertainment attorney. I decided that’s what I wanted to do. But a funny thing happened while I was in law school: I actually really enjoyed the litigation type of classes like moot court and mock trial and that sort of thing. So, it was quite surprising to me that during law school, I decided to become a litigator, and I’ve been a litigator ever since. My first job out of law school was with Fredrikson & Byron, and I was a securities litigator with them. I’d actually written an article on Law Review about securities arbitration. So, when I arrived at Fredrikson, they said, “Well, we have a partner who does securities arbitration/litigation, and he needs assistance.” So, they assigned me to work with him, and it’s been my area of specialty since the first day I walked in the door.

Why Chet became a Lawyer:

I actually always wanted to be an actor. I grew up doing theater. I did summer stock theater from age 10. I did it all the way through grade school and high school. I actually studied theater at the Boston Conservatory, moved to New York City, and spent a couple of years trying to be an actor in New York City. Unfortunately, things didn’t go exactly the way I had planned. So, I started thinking about another profession. I gave thought to being an accountant, to being a doctor, being a lawyer – and being a lawyer just seemed to be the closest fit to being an actor. Especially once I made the transition into litigation. Then there was an opportunity for me to get up in front of a judge or jury or a panel of arbitrators and argue my case.