What types of Business Dispute cases do you handle?

I handle a broad range of business disputes. It can be anything from a breach of contract case, or professional negligence case. I’ve actually handled quite a few shareholder/partnership dispute cases. Recently, I handled a case that I won on summary judgment and had it affirmed before the Minnesota Court of Appeals. It involved an individual shareholder leaving a company, and it was her view that she wasn’t being paid enough for her shares. That’s kind of the type of case that I will often get involved in.

What was your first court trial that you handled by yourself?

My very first court trial that I handled myself: It was before Judge Dianna Murphy (who actually passed away recently) and it was a huge securities fraud case at Fredrikson & Byron. We represented 75 investors, and we had a team of lawyers working on it. We had a bunch of defendants and we were able to settle out with most of the defendants, except for the main bad guy. The main bad guy and his partnerships were the people left in the lawsuit. By the time it got to trial, I was a fourth year attorney and they said, “We think you’re ready to take on a court trial.” So, this was in U.S. District Court (federal court), and I tried the case before Diana Murphy, and got a full result of a $4 million judgment. It was actually trebled to $12 million under the federal RICO Act (the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act). And so, my first time out, $12 million judgment. I was pretty proud of that.

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